Automated Bulk Part Supply Equipment & Pre-feeders

CDS LIPE Intelligent automated bulk part supply systems are critical to the performance of feed systems and downstream automation.  Pre-feeders eliminate the hazards associated with your operators manually loading heavy parts or materials.  Automated bulk part supply systems are designed to supply parts, packages or materials from hopper or storage container and meter those parts, packages or materials to a secondary operation on a demand basis

  • Pan Feeders with Automatic Metering
  • Tote Dumper
  • Drum Dumpers
  • Pallet Dumpers
  • Wire Basket Dumpers
  • Dunange Dumper
  • Soft Sided Box Dumper
  • Gaylord Dumper
  • Drop Bottom Container-Automatic Unload Equipment


Pre-Feeders are available to gently handling a quantity of parts and gently metering them to downstream process.


Container Dumping Automation

Dunnage Dump System


Tote Dumper

Automatic Tote or Tray Dumper


Drop Bottom Stand & Automatic Unloader

2000 lb Drop Bottom Container Stand & Unloader 4000 lb Drop Bottom Container Stand & Unloader 6000 lb Drop Bottom Container Stand & Unloader


Heavy Duty Pan Feeder

Pan Feeder bulk supply w/ Manual of Automatic Flow Gates