Contract Manufacturing

Contract Services

CDS-LIPE regularly provides customers with part inspection services using our extensive production lab equipment.  Our manufacturing group provides components and sub-assembly manufacturing services for OEM customers.  These have included ancillary products such as pre-feeders, hoppers, turntables, machine bases and guarding packages. Both types of service allow Part Manufacturers, Machine Builder, Robot Integrators and OEM customers reduce risk and costs.

Inspection & Sorting Services

CDS-LIPE provides automatic inspection and sorting services, quality control, and containment services.

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For over two decades we have been providing automatic inspection and sorting services to companies across the country and around the world using inspection machinery and sorting machinery on our production floor. Our low overhead and ability to automate quality control processes for in house inspection and sorting means higher efficiencies, faster processing, and reduced cost to you the customer.

Recent jobs on our production floor include brass insert vision inspection, filiment inspection, brass ammo casing sorting, pin and bearing length inspection and diameter inspection, sorting of medical assembly components, thread presence verification and chips in the ID inspection, nut height inspection, just to name a few.

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Laser Inspection

Precision Roll Sorters

Inspection Machinery Currently On Our Production Lab Includes:
Additional in-house equipment can be modified to suit your specific application.

Plus...Screen Sorters, Length Inspection Systems, Thread Inspection Systems, and more...

Automatic inspection machinery and sorting machinery currently on our floor can be configured for a wide variety of parts inspection and parts sorting applications.  Whether it's length inspection, inside diameter sorting, outside diameter sorting, depth inspection, width inspection, height inspection, feature presence, foreign material, mixed parts sorting, thread inspection, or whatever your requirement, we've got a solution for your quality control application.

Contact Us today for more information about our inspection and sorting services Please give us a call at 800-448-7822 x 17 

Contract Manufacturing

CDS-LIPE provided pre-engineered, kitted :  Machine Bases, Machine Guarding, We can build to a demand forecast or maintain an inventory on hand of JIT deliveries Please give us a call at 800-448-7822 x 17  

Process Material Handling Sub-Assemblies

LP Conveyor with top hold down

This product & service includes:

CDS-LIPE is always interested in working with Machine Tool Mfrs. , Grinding Machine Mfrs. Process Machines Mfr, Packagine Machine Mfrs, Integrators of all types help create standardized magazine feeders, vibratory hoppers, belt hoppers, pre-feed infeed conveyors, accumulators and various feeders for use in your systems on a private label basis.  Our modular product lines are designed to be efficiently produced in quantity to provide you with a cost advantage. We can build to a demand forecast or maintain an inventory on hand of JIT deliveriesPlease give us a call at 800-448-7822 x 17