Dyna-Feed -Part Feeding Materials Handling Equipment & Systems

step feeder

CDS-LIPE standard part feeding products include Step Feeders, Vibratory Bowl Feeders & Rotary Feeders, Separators, Orientors /Hoppers/Pans/Screen Feeders/Bulk Supply Systems.. .

Building Blocks- We build quality, integrated handling equipment and systems that move , feed, accumulate and orient parts, packages or materials to automate your process.

step feeder

Step Feeder

Perfect for automatic feeding and presentation of parts for any assembly, inspection or secondary application.


Bi Directional Belt Feeder

Perfect for automatic feeding parts to grinders, induction heaters, thread rollers, cappers, marking systems extrusion press operations and other process and assembly systems.

container dumper, pan feeder, vibratory bowl feeder

Intelligent Bulk Part Supply Automation

We've automatically metered parts and materials from every type of container "on demand" from uranium pellets, grain, abrasives, light bulbs, plier handles and thousands of parts in between.

vibratory bowl feeders

Vibratory Bowl Feeders

CDS LIPE designs and builds vibratory bowl feeder systems since the 1970's as well as the Dyna-Slide line of linear vibratory parts feeder systems capable of handling a broad range of parts. Hopper, tracks and roll sorters are available as ancillary elements which can be added to complete your project.

magazine feeder

Magazine Feeder

Fills the niche between long bar feed and orientation feeders. Magazine feeders take many forms.


Low Level Hopper/Elevator/Feeder

A hopper/feeder/ elevator is very effective on simple parts. Hopper elevators supply parts, packages and materials to rotary feeders, vibratory feeders, belt feeders and process machinery

pan feeder

Bulk Storage & Supply Feeders

Vibratory bulk storage feeders are available for supply dosing and disentangling of parts, materials and packages. Storage feeders are available with flow control features to control the supply of parts and materials into feeders or downstream automation.


Centrifugal Feeder

Centrifugal Feeder Bowls range in size form 6" in diameter to 54" in diameter, and are offered in both USDA approved design and industrial grade design.

bulk hopper

Taper Wall & Straight Wall Supply Hoppers

Vibratory supply hoppers are designed for the controlled feeding of bulk parts and materials into feeders or machines.


Discharge Conv.

Discharge conveyor can take many design forms including flat vibratory linear, V-track, rail, rod, vibratory pan, belt, indexing belt, precision servo belt, table top chain

heavy duty bulk supply hopper

Heavy Duty Bulk Pan Hoppers

Vibratory hoppers are available in multiple designs including high capacity ( 8,000 lb) impact pans with AR Liners for highly abrasive parts.

vibratory feeder

Drop Bottom Stand w/ Container-Auto Unloader

Vibratory pans combined with drop bottom stand are available in multiple designs including high capacity ( 8,000 lb) impact pans with AR Liners for highly abrasive parts to meter parts to upstream process.


Part, Package and Material Distribution Pans

Vibratory pans are available to distribute parts, packages or materials to downstream process. Can be integrated to inspection systems, vision guided robots and packaging systems.


Sound & Safety Enclosures

Safety Guarding, Dust Enclosures and Sound Control Enclosures are available for every machine or system.

ball sorter, roll sorter, roller sorter

Roll Sorters

Roll Sorters are produced by our Sister Plant CDS Mfr. These precision roll sorters (also referred to as roller sorters and roller micrometers) are perfect for precise tight tolerance sorting.