Flex Feeding Systems

CDS LIPE has a complete line of Flexible Feeders designed to supply a wide range of part, package or materials to vision guided robots.  Each size flex feeder is designed to distribute parts from a bulk supply source. Flexible feeding systems can be simple loop style where parts, packages or materials are spread out for robot to pick field of view or on the fly.  Flex Feeders can also be designed to create patterns in the part, package or material flow to maximize the robots efficiency.


Parts Feeder - Flexible Feeder - YouTube

Flex Feeders since the early 1990's........Assembly Magazine Link

small part flex feeder

Small Part Flex Feeder

The intelligent part feeder is flexible and cost effective alternative to traditional bowl feeders. The intelligent small part flex feeder handles multiple parts simultaneously distributing them to vision guided robot.


Large Part Flex Feeder

Flex feed designs used to supply parts, packages and materials to vision guided robots. Flex feeders depend on integrated bulk part supplies, part flow patterns designed to maximize pick yield efficiency and minimum part, package or material recirculation.


Vision Guided Robot Feeding-Mid Size Parts

CDS LIPE utilizes it’s experience feeding and orienting an extraordinarily wide range of parts, packages and materials to provide efficient robot tending systems. If your application requires pack pattern formation, accumulating metering, orienting, isolating or positioning parts packages for materials in virtually every industrial environment we can reduce your project risk. Complete systems include automated bulk part, package or materials supply, part distribution and or pattern formation, vision pick belt, return conveyors.