Gentle Automated Materials Handling

CDS-LIPE products are used worldwide to gently transport, feed, orient, accumulate a wide range of parts, packages and materials. Our gentle design approach creates robust, fully integrated systems from random bulk supply complete to robot or machine tending automation devices.  Suitable for polished and surface sensitive components.
  • Reduce yield lose due to handling damage
  • Improve Process Efficiencies
  • Reduce Inventory Level
  • Reduce Part Rework
  • Machined Parts with critical surfaces
  • Green Powdered Metal Components
  • Glass Bulbs, Tubes & Filiments
  • Ceramic Components

Gentle Part & Package Handling

Feeding and orienting parts, packages or materials from random bulk supply improves handling efficiencies, reduces risk of damage, reduces in process inventories and reduces processing space required,


Dyna-Slide Gentle Accumulation & Transport Conveyors

Zero or minimum back pressure accumulation and transport conveyors


Dyna-Slide Accumulation Equipment

Modular, scalable accumulators designed to gently accumulate parts, packages or materials. In line, buffer, by-pass accumulators


Accumulation Solutions

Part packaging and materials bi pass accumulation, buffer accumulation, line balancing include rotary bi-directional table top chain, vibratory accumulators,