Machine Loading Devices, Equipment & Systems

CDS LIPE developed machine tending automation to help keep workers safe and offers a wide range of custom escapements, custom pick and place devices, part nests, singulation devices, merge devices, tooling to integrate the part, package or material feeding with your assembly, packaging, robot or machining process. These ancillary elements are designed to be adaptable to all kinds of part sizes and tooling requirements for all industries. We will incorporate any type or brand of sensors, vision system and logic devices to ensure proper part placement and flawless feeding.


Centerless Grinding System Part Feeder

CDS-LIPE has produces hundreds of load systems for a wide variety of centerless grinders.


Thru Feed Grinder Feed System

Dyna-Slide provides gentle part orientation and part loading for thru feed grinders


Part Counting Automation

High Speed Part Counting for fill by count applications


Double Disk Grinding Process Load Systems

Automatically supply parts from bulk supply source to double disk or face grinders


Machine Loading Solutions

Part, packaging and material presentation and loading to automated assembly, inspection, marking, machine tool, robot and packaging systems.


Part Orientation, Loading, Positioning & Assembly

High Speed Part Positioning, High Speed Package Positioning, Part Loading, Part Assembly