Sanitary & Washdown Duty Automation Equipment & Systems

CDS-LIPE builds custom, wash-down duty and sanitary packaging feed systems and conveyors. Equipment complies with AMI, USDA and FDA specifications for direct food handling, and sanitary bulk materials handling. Wash-down conveyors designed for incline, main line, hand pack and process stations are available.  Package feeding, orientation and machine tending systems are available on an integrated or standalone basis for food packaging, cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical and medical device applications.


  • Washdown Duty Trough & Flat Belt Conveyors
  • AMI Compliant Construction for Meat & Poultry Applications
  • Washdown & Sanitary Incline Belt Conveyors
  • Vibratory Bulk Conveyors

Feeders & Orientation Systems

  • Vibratory Feeders
  • Rotary Feeders
  • Belt Feeders
vibratory stainless bowl feeders

Vibratory Feeders

USDA-FDA Spec. Vibratory feeders and high-speed multi-lane feeding equipment are available for part, packaging, and materials handling: Caps, Jars Package Feeding, Syringe, Tubes Ampules, Pipettes and Pouch Feeding


Meat Handling Conveyors

USDA, AMI Compliant Design Flat & Troughing Blue Belt Molding Plastic Belt Horizontal or Incline


Cheese & Whey Handling Conveyors

USDA, Dairy Spec. Compliant Design Flat & Troughing Blue Belt Molding Plastic Belt Horizontal or Incline


Baked Goods Conveyors

Donut Packaging Bread Slicing Line Bread Packaging Pretzel Accumulation

conveyor belt with limes

Fruit & Vegetable & Nut Belt Conveyors

Troughing Belts Blue Belt Conveyors Curved Molded Plastic Top Conveyor Incline Cleated Belt Conveyors Transfer Conveyors Z Incline Conveyors Hopper Conveyors

popcorn on conveyor belt

Tacky Materials Processing

Direct Drive Belts Belt Scrappers Automatic Belt Cleaners Perforated Belts


Pharmaceutical Package Accumulation

Rotary Accumulation Tables In Line Accumulation Merge-Diverge Tables


Centrifugal Feeder-Integrated Line

USDA-FDA Centrifugal Feeders for feeding Cap & Bottle Feeding Hopper Pre-Feeder to Capper Bottle Handling to Capper


Medical Materials Handling

Clean Room Solutions


Bulk Handling Belt Conveyors

EZ Clean Sanitary Bulk Materials Conveyors Trough Conveyors


Package Handling

Metered Packaging Machine Infeeds Accumulation Tables Rotary Accumulation Tables


Transport Conveyors

Washdown Duty Table Top Chain Conveyors


Special & Harsh Duty

Twist Conveyors Tacky Food Products Self Cleaning Wet/Oily Application


De-Wetting Conveyor

Perforated Belt Conveyors Open Pattern Plastic Molded Chain Stainless Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors Drip Pans


Weigh Cell Feeding

Metered Infeed to Weigh Cell- 1 Gallon Containers


Package Presentation to Unitizing Robot

Demand Infeeds Case, Carton Bag, Pouch Handling Stacking Stations De-Stacking Stations


Metal Detector Conveyors

Metal Detector Infeed and Process Conveyors w/ Sort Gate


Packaged Goods Incline Conveyors

Washdown Duty Incline Steep Incline Z- Incline Conveyors

step incline conveyor

Sanitary Incline Conveyors

Steep Incline Z Incline Pre-Feeders