System Integration, Assembly Automation & Specialty Machines

CDS LIPE product lines and services are designed to provide seamless integration to your process automation, machine tending robot, machine tending automation, vision inspection systems, assembly dial, packaging machine, laser marking or labeling systems. From semi-automatic equipment to fully untended automation.

  • Load part, packages, or materials to fixed point for Hard Automation or Robot
  • Position part, packages to materials to vision guided Robotic Automation
  • Distribute parts, package, or materials for Vision Inspection Systems
  • Provide parts to Centerless Grinder Feeding
  • Provide parts to Machine Tools
  • Indexing & Fixtured Conveyors
  • Provide parts to Assembly Systems
  • Provide packages to Packaging Machines
  • Integrate Secondary Operation & Cell Integration
  • Distribute Parts, Materials and Packages to Marking System


Centerless Grinding Load System

From simple V-Track Infeeds to fully integrated "lights out" fully automated multi-pass systems. Supply rods, bars, tubes and parts to grinding equipment. Advance automation available for lights out level automation.


Package Feeding Solutions

Packaging Machine loading and discharge solutions


Part Presentation to Robots

Part, Package Materials Supply


Munitions & Hazardous Materials Handling

Dyna-Slide is this the most gentle feeder on the market utilizes zero drop, non marking tooling and minimum part recirculation designs. Dyna-Slide feeders have been used on numerous DOD projects handling munitions and hazardous materials and is experienced handling projectiles.


Sensor & Vision Based Part Sortation & Inspection Systems

Vision Sortation, Vision Orientation, Part Sensors Vision Based Orientation, LED Sensor, Physical Sortation, Laser Measurement, Automated Gauging, Sortation Gauging.


Gentle Part Feeding Technology

CDS LIPE is highly experienced in handling friable, parts, parts with high value, non-marking surfaces. Dyna-Slide systems are based on non marking and minimum part recirculation designs.