V-Track Specialty Conveyors

Dyna-Slide V-Track Conveyors are modular, scalable conveyors based on V-extrusion available in various width and lengths to gently move a wide variety of cylindrical parts and materials. Freestanding or as discharge conveyors commonly used for machine tending infeeds and discharge conveyors, deburring, dedusting, washing application. Part rifling can be created using brush pattern. Optional part guides can be combined with integrated escapements and meters to create a reliable machine loading solution.  Available with X, Y and Z adjustment devices for use with centerless grinding infeed and discharge.

V Track Conveyor for Centerless Grinder Feeding

Dyna-Slide V-Track Conveyors configured to feed grinders include Z and X Adjustment Features, Drip Pan, Speed Controls, Top Hold Down and Back Pressure Controls

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