Small Part Flex Feeder

Small part Flex Feeders are cost effective, gentle solutions for randomly distributing parts for vision inspection or vision guided robot handling.  Most often employed when part, package or material geometry is not favorable for traditional feeders. Small parts or families of small parts can be fed in a single flex feeder.  Each system consists of a supply hopper which meters parts, packages or material to part distribution surface which creates the part flow pattern. Surface may be vibratory pan with tooling, a bruchlon conveyance belt conveyor.  Passive and active tooling may be used to create maximum part, package or material distribution.  Multiple hopper types, distribution methods, conveyor surfaces and vision processing surfaces are available for difficult or fragile parts.  Parts can often be properly oriented during return cycle reducing recirculation and increasing throughput.  Standard assemblies and custom solutions are available.

small part flex feeder
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